At retirement

You did it!
Years of working and saving hard are about to finally pay off and you’re looking forward to a relaxing retirement doing the things you love.

Whether you plan to travel, spend more time with family or more time on the golf course, we will work closely with you to ensure your retirement is everything you dreamed of.

The pension freedoms legislation of 2015 increased flexibility when accessing your pensions. This is fantastic news, but requires careful planning so your retirement funds last as long as required.

Just as there are some risks when you’re investing for your future, there are risks when drawing these funds down to support your retirement lifestyle. Think of the day you stop working as the top of the mountain – it it just the half way point. Drawing funds out of your pensions requires careful planning and reviews to ensure you descend the mountain with enough money! It is well-known that most people that have perished on Everest, do so after reaching the summit and on the descent.

At Engage Wealth Management we will work with you to make the best decision with your funds at retirement, to suit your lifestyle.