Why Choose Us

Being independent ensures you are getting the best quality financial advice. Independent means we are not tied to any investment firm or insurance company, meaning we can use any provider on the market that best suits our clients needs.

We are here to help you understand your finances, not confuse you. We always keep our conversations and advice at a high level, ensuring you understand and feel comfortable every step on the way.

Did you know the average financial adviser is aged 58?

This poses a huge problem in the advice market, with nearly 40% expected to retire in the next 10 years. If you’re working with, or looking to work with, an IFA…where do you think your adviser will be in 10 years time?

We’re a little younger (over 20 years!) and this provides some benefits:

  • You know we’ll be by your side up to retirement, at retirement and beyond
  • We are here to innovate and embrace technology, which ultimately helps our clients
  • We are full of beans and ready to work hard for you, not winding down to retirement

Although part of our role is to ensure your investments grow, this is the easy part. Money is a tool to help you achieve the life you want.

We will focus on your plans, help you establish your goals and work out a plan to achieve this.