Workplace Pensions Advice

Working with directors, HR managers and employees, Engage Wealth Management will help to establish an offering that is unique to every business.

We have extensive knowledge of corporate pensions, having previously helped business with anywhere from 10 to over 1000 employees set-up schemes for their staff in various sectors including professional services, charities, sports clubs, manufacturing and everything in between.

At Engage Wealth Management we passionately believe that improved financial health can impact on physical and mental health too. The first step to improving financial health is financial education.

Our team will spend time, whether through 1-1 meetings, brochures, or wider staff presentations, educating staff about pensions and their finances to help them feel more secure about their financial future.

Every company operates differently, with different staff demographics, locations and work patterns. Therefore, we will look to establish an exceptional level of service whilst creating the least disruption as possible to your business.

Employing the services of Engage Wealth Management means your staff will have access to an independent pension’s expert. We also have direct access to every main provider, ensuring we can help payroll/HR quickly and efficiently with any questions or concerns.

Furthermore, every company has varying cultural and ethical viewpoints, and these factors now play a vital role in deciding how their money is invested.

Our aim is to establish an offering that suits your business and fits alongside other employee benefits you may already have in place and reduce the burden on you as the employer.

Our offering can include the following:

How employer’s benefit

  • Ongoing advice and assistance with the company pension scheme, including help with re-enrolment.
  • Periodic reviews of the group pension scheme, to ensure it meets the requirements of the employer and still competitive for the employees.
  • Review of salary sacrifice options – a discussion around the benefits and drawbacks of salary sacrifice schemes and how this benefits the employer & employee.
  • Additional employee benefit. At Engage Wealth Management we’ll ensure your staff know this is an additional staff benefit, with the costs covered by their employer.


Services to the employees

  • Welcome letters and brochure to new staff – This is a detailed brochure explaining pensions in plain English, helping your staff to understand the scheme and their options. This includes details of how pensions work, the benefits and drawbacks of pensions, tax relief, state pensions and details of their new workplace pension scheme. Every copy will have the direct contact details of Engage Wealth Management.
  • ‘Refresher’ letters to existing members of the pension scheme, reminding them of the pension scheme, its benefits and our contact details.
  • Pension surgery – We can attend the head office/branches or via Zoom/telephone and spend time with staff who can book in to discuss their queries. These could be simple questions around their pension scheme, or more complex queries around consolidating pensions or other areas of financial advice, such as life insurance. These surgeries can be organised as often as you feel necessary and in line with employee demand.
  • Group presentations followed by 1-1 meetings. (At head offices/branches/online). We find the group presentations are better for larger businesses, with many questions answered during these sessions and 1-1 meetings can be booked afterwards.
  • Review existing pensions – We will gather data from employees previous pension schemes, run some analysis and discuss the options with your staff. This is conducted at our cost.
  • Retirement seminars (age 50+) – aimed at those aged 50+, these seminars will provide an overview of your employees options at retirement and what they can do to boost their retirement income. Although 50 may seem early, the key to a happy retirement is planning early.


Engage Wealth Management will receive an annual fee from the employer to cover the points above. This will be agreed between Engage Wealth Management and the employer. No commission is received from pension providers, in line with new regulation introduced in 2012. Our annual fees can be paid upfront or by monthly standing order.

In relation to employees, any specific advice required, such as advice on transferring other pensions or one-off lump sums will be agreed directly with the employees in line with our Retail Client Agreement. Any fees paid by employees can normally be deducted from their pension scheme funds.


Features to be included in future

Financial education seminars

                Credit score/saving for a home/budgeting

                Protecting yourself and family

                Beginner investments (non-pension)