Workplace Pensions Advice

Working with directors, HR managers and employees, Engage Wealth Management will help to establish an offering that is unique to every business.

Gone are the days when a workplace pension scheme is a tick-box exercise. A workplace pension has become a crucial employee benefit, like private medical insurance or death in service.

Employing the services of Engage Wealth management provides the opportunity to showcase yourself as a modern employer going above and beyond.

Working with directors, HR managers and employees, we help establish a unique offering for every business.

We work with many forward-thinking, high-growth companies, often in technology.

Our team will spend time, whether through 1-1 meetings, brochures, or broader staff presentations, educating staff about pensions and their finances. This service helps staff feel more secure about their financial future.

Employing the services of Engage Wealth Management means your staff will have access to an independent pension expert. We also have direct access to every leading provider, ensuring we can help payroll/HR quickly and efficiently with any questions or concerns.

We aim to establish an offering that suits your business and fits alongside other employee benefits you may already have and reduce the burden on you as the employer.

Our workplace pension service offers the following:

Upgrading your workplace pension.

Being independent, we have access to the whole pensions market. We often help companies upgrade from a basic provider. This can provide several benefits, such as implementing salary sacrifice, providing a more comprehensive investment choice, lower fees and tiered contributions for staff.

We work with employers throughout this process to ensure a smooth transition. Our service includes presentations to all staff, staff brochures and the ability to book 1-1 meetings with an independent financial adviser.

Ongoing service

We support employers and employees throughout the year. Employees have access to an independent financial adviser year-round, and we ensure the company fulfils its auto-enrolment duties.

Our ongoing service can include the following:

  • Regular welcome brochures & seminars for new staff
  • Refresher brochures for existing staff
  • Pension surgeries (1-1 meetings)
  • Group presentations
  • Reviewing existing pensions
  • Retirement seminars (age 50+)