Why are you investing? A simple question yes, but I am often faced with blank faces when asking this question.

Whether you have received an inheritance, sold a business or are looking to invest excess cash, we’ll work with you to establish your goals. We then begin to formulate a plan and invest your funds accordingly.

Investing your long-term savings has always been essential to beat inflation.

We take a straightforward approach to investing our clients’ money. Decades of evidence have proved that even professionals cannot guess the market’s next move. Take a look at the table below…care to guess the best performer next year?

We take a different, modern approach. All we can look at is the evidence – that long-term stock market returns have been greater than inflation, cash, gold and bonds. We don’t try to time the markets and instead believe in the power of markets.

Investing this way keeps costs low, so our clients retain more of their hard-earned money.