5 steps to strengthen your finances (and you don’t need a financial planner)

It is true that a financial planners role revolves around retirement planning. Getting those pensions in order, working out what’s possible and helping clients to visualise the retirement they want. It’s also true that if you put some effort into your financial plans, you will have a nice retirement. If you put no effort in, […]

Economic Update October 2021

Our October economic update is out now. In this issue we discuss stronger UK economic growth, soaring inflation and pay levels in the UK. Click here to Download

Autumn Budget and Spending Review 2021

Our autumn budget update provides an overview of the key points, focusing particularly on financial issues that may affect our clients. Click here to Download

Autumn 2021 newsletter

In our Autumn newsletter we discuss some hot topics including financial wellbeing, sudden wealth syndrome and the UK economic outlook. Click here to Download

EWM Economic Update September 2021

In our latest economic update to the end of September, we discuss UK economic growth forecasts, inflation, job vacancies and the retail sector. Click here to Download

Shareholder protection – Keeping a business running when a shareholder is lost

Every business will face challenges, but a shareholder dying or becoming critically ill is often overlooked. Most business owners will arrange a shareholder agreement, setting out the busines strategy, management and how the company is run. Shareholder protection can often be overlooked though. So, what’s the issue? When a shareholder dies, their business interest is […]

An introduction to life insurance

In this document, we explain some of the basics of life insurance, who might need life insurance, how much cover you should have and other useful information. Click here to Download

Could my company pay my life insurance?

If you’re the owner of a limited company, this could be a win-win. Whether you’re a director or looking for life insurance for certain staff then a Relevant Life Policy could be the answer. The business/employer pays no National Insurance on contributions The business receives corporation tax relief Benefits are not taxed as employment income […]

Should I consolidate my pensions?

Check these 5 details before doing anything Sick of dealing with huge amounts of paperwork from multiple pension companies? As independent financial advisers, our most common queries relate to pensions advice. And within this, consolidating pensions and retirement planning are top scorers. If you’ve built up pensions from different employers over the years, you might […]