It’s not a pension. It’s your Financial Freedom Fund.

What feelings do the words “Pension” and “Retirement” invoke in you? Boring? A long way off? Freedom? Confusion?! The word ‘pension’ has been used to describe that pot of money somewhere in the background that your employer set up. Each month, you diligently contribute, and so does your employer. You receive some tax relief added […]

Who’s left if you pass away? Why Life Protection matters.

So who is it? Your husband? Your wife? Your children? Who will pay the mortgage next month? Who will pay the nursery fees? How can you live the same lifestyle now that you can’t work? Who will pay for the medical bills? These uncomfortable questions form the bedrock of any sound financial plan.  If you […]

What Is A Credit Score And How Does It Affect My Life?

Your credit score is an essential factor when you’re borrowing, renting, taking a contract, and other parts of life. When you sign up for a new loan, you will be judged on your score. If your score isn’t high enough, the banks won’t grant you a loan. What is a credit score? A credit reference […]

High earners – Beware the tapered annual allowance.

You may have never heard of the tapered annual allowance. Generally, if affects people earning over £240,000 and impacts 250,000 people in the UK. With most thresholds frozen and more high-growth companies appearing every week, this number is set to increase. What Exactly is the Tapered Annual Allowance? The tapered annual allowance reduces the yearly […]

Spring Forecast Statement 2022

Download our PDF version for Spring Forecast Statement 2022. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, delivered his 2022 Spring Statement on 23 March, confirming implementation of the politically contentious 1.25 percentage-point rise in most National Insurance contributions, though with revised thresholds to mitigate the impact. He declared that his overall plan “builds a stronger, more […]

6 Financial planning tips before the end of the tax year

The end of the tax year is drawing near. You may be thinking about what financial planning tips you should be following in the next few weeks. Here are some simple tips to help… Make use of your ISA allowance. ISAs are a great way to keep your savings growing free from tax. With the […]

Shrink your Inheritance Tax bill: 6 practical gifts to reduce your ‘death tax’

“In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes” – Benjamin Franklin. When it comes to Inheritance Tax, these two certainties collide. When someone dies, their estate becomes the responsibility of their heirs to settle. For individuals who own property or have sizeable savings, this could easily mean that a significant amount of inheritance […]

Terminal Illness vs Critical Illness

Terminal Illness vs Critical Illness As regular readers of our blog, you will understand from a financial planning perspective that insurance is the foundation to a solid financial plan. Without protecting you & your family, there is little point in trying to build wealth. It could all come tumbling down quite easily at the stroke […]

Economic Review November 2021

Read our latest ‘Economic Review’ – discovery of the Omicron variant impacted global stock markets… Click here to Download