Saving for retirement

Planning for the longest holiday of your life requires just that…planning

Planning for the longest holiday of your life isn’t easy and requires just that…planning.

Retirement isn’t what is used to be. Gone are the days of 45 years hard work, a retirement party and off into enforced idleness.

Many people make this a gradual process with part-time work becoming more common. The Pension Freedoms legislation of 2015 has added more flexibility in accessing your money, but getting this right is incredibly important.

Recent studies have shown those taking financial advice increase their investments by 3% more per year. This could result in hundreds of thousands of pounds when compounded over many years. Getting your investment strategy right is imperative.

Saving for retirement could involve various plans – pensions, ISAs, savings, property, inheritance – but whatever it is, the key is having a plan.

Many of our clients are over 20 years away from retirement, but through the use of technology such as Cashflow Modelling and ensuring they are investing is the right place, they are able to visualise with some certainty where they are heading. Think of your plan as a flightpath of an airline – we are here to act as your Co-pilot, making small adjustments along the way to keep you on track. We might even need to make large adjustments when a storm such as an unexpected accident or bereavement comes along.

Many older pension schemes have fantastic benefits worth retaining, whilst others have dreadful features that are impacting your investment returns.

Whatever your position, we are here to guide you to a safe landing at retirement. We’ll work alongside you to understand your goals and objectives and get you to where you want to be.